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Easter Flowers Victoria. Easter is full of many customs, traditions, and symbols borrowed from Christianity and the ancient world. Easter flowers are the perfect way to add warmth, radiance, and feelings of cheer to any Easter celebration – they are a fitting symbol for the season.

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Easter Bouquets

Because Easter flowers are a vivid token of a different sentiment, we have decided to make it easy for you to choose the finest array of blooms for this very special occasion occasion.


Here you’ll find descriptions of Easter Flowers and their rich meanings, and you’ll know exactly which colorful bouquet to select for your Easter Celebration, from Fine Floral Designs in Victoria.

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White Easter Lilies

A symbol of the Resurrection, White Lilies are very appropriate for any Easter celebration. Easter wouldn’t be complete without Easter lilies, the subtle sign of purity and hope adorning your home.


Bursting with color and beauty, Azaleas breathe life into any room in your home, and invite pure color to a table setting with a whisper of fragility, temperance, and passion.

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easter tulips victoria


As timeless messengers of love, passion, and belief, Tulips are a faithful representation of the values important to the celebration of Easter, and will infuse your home with colorful energy.


The sweet aroma of innocence and loyalty can only come from the simple daisy. Also signifying purity and gentleness, this flower will imbue any environment with the good tidings of Easter.

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Flower Care Tips

So, you just had flowers delivered to you, now what? Whether you’ve been given a bouquet by a very special someone, or you’re just curious on how to keep your new flowers lasting longer, here are some suggestions to keep your Easter Bouquet lasting longer. Flowers are a beautiful reminder of all of the color and happiness in your life. If you want to enjoy your flowers for longer, get started with Step 1 below.

– Replenish the water frequently.
– Change the water entirely every 2-3 days.
– Cut the stems on an angle and place the flowers in a clean, lukewarm water.
– Keep the container free of any debris or leaves. Repeat every 2 days.
– Choose a clean, non-metallic container, make sure the stems are not packed too tightly.
– Always keep flowers away from direct heat and draughts.
– Avoid windows, radiators, or draughty hallways.
– Keep removing wilted stems to keep a clean environment for the remaining flowers to bloom.

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Fine Floral Designs is an award winning Floral Boutique located in the heart of James Bay, Victoria BC. Offering the most exquisite flowers from around the world & modern designs for individuals with a distinctive taste for flowers, the floral studio provides only the best lush flower bouquets & unique floral arrangements for your special occasion.

Fine Floral Designs provides flowers for many occasions: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Administrative Professional Week, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our product line also includes fresh cut flower bouquets, Exotic plants, Exotic flowers, Orchid plants, contemporary and traditional arrangements, greeting cards & chocolate truffles.

With years of floral design experience, Fine Floral Designs can assure you a quality creation that will make any special event a truly unique and memorable experience! Come visit our showroom located at 159 Menzies Street in Victoria, only blocks from the Victoria Inner Harbour and all major hotels.

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