Seasonal Flowers

We were so excited about the holiday season! There was such an abundance of wonderful botanical products available now and we are more than eager to have the opportunity to work with this amazing Floral & Fauna of the season.

seasonal flowers victoria

From beautiful Ilex berries, fragrant Rosemary & Myrtle stems, textured Eringym (thistle), Seeded Eucalyptus, unique feathered birds and of course the refreshing, sweet, citrus aromas of Douglas fir, Noble fir, Cedar, Pine which evokes fond memories and seems to bring tranquility to our senses.

Just a little note about the care of evergreens, when choosing fresh evergreens, wreaths or garlands,, the will generally last indoors for about two weeks and longer when displayed outdoor in cooler environments. Spray misting with cool water will usually help maintain longer lasting quality.

Fine Floral Designs

In the shop we have an array of magnificent colored Christmas Flowers, Cactus or Zygocactus, Amaryllis which is a tall statuesque plant and magical to watch as the large bloom opens to a glorious trumpet like flower. Club Moss is also an amazing plant of the season bearing its beautiful cluster of rosette like leaves.

Fine Floral Designs carries a wonderful collection of lush planters, unique design of live orchid plants, and many hand crafted floral gifts. Please drop by and visit our shop or go online and view our collections.

Fine Floral Designs
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